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Who's Who at Security Watch Alert Team?

Licensed with the State and Registered by the U.S. Government


  •  Sgt in United States Marine Corp Reserve
  •  Lt. Sherriff’s Department
  •  Sgt. Police Department
  •  Captain Police Department
  •  Division Commander Police Department
  •  Field Training Manager Police Department
  •  Graduate of Law Enforcement Academy 94-116
  •  Instructional Rating Indiana Law Enforcement Academy
  •  Manager Field Training in Small Arms Armor and Glock Armor
  •  Asst. SERT Commander HCSD
  •  Police S.W.A.T. Instructor
  •  Certified Scuba Diver
  •  Media Relations Specialist
  •  Logistics and Transportation Specialist
  •  Safety/Security Team Head for megachurch
  •  State Licensed Designated Agent
  •  Licensed Private Police Logistic Coordinator

Sgt. Don Holliman

  •  Associated with ROTC
  •  WSU Business Management
  •  Prviate Police Academy Graduate
  •  Firearms School Graduate
  •  Law Enforcement Academy Graduate
  •  Safety & Training Manager
  •  Communication Techician
  •  Certified In: CPR & First Aid
  •  Alarm Response
  •  Tatical Handcuffing, PR-24, ASAP, Vehicle Approach
  •  Licensed Private Police Public Relations
  •  Narcotics Investigations
  •  Suspect & Victim Interviewing
  •  PPT, PCR
  •  Chemical Contact
  •  Ground & Reactive Night Fighting
  •  Court Testimony

 Captain Art Small, CEO

  •  ATF – Federal Explosives Licensed
  •  High Explosives Trained
  •  Private Police Academy Graduate
  •  Awarded Pro Marksman
  •  Helicopter Surveillance Spotter
  •  Indiana Sherriff’s Association Associate
  •  Associated with NRA ( National Rifle Associations)
  •  Associated with FOP ( Fraternal Order of Police)
  •  Undercover Operations Coordinator
  •  Security Strategy Specialist
  •  Licensed Real Estate Agent and Property Asset Protection, Specialist in Real Estate Asset Protection
  •  Licensed Private Police Service Coordinator
Lt.  Clinton Small
  • Licensed U.S. Helicopter Pilot
  • Marksman
  • Helicopter Operations Coordinator
  • Associated with I.U. (Indiana University)
  • Licensed Private Police Helicopter Pilot
Lt.  Teresa Barlett
  • Licensed U.S. Helicopter Pilot
  • Surveillance Photography Specialist
  • Homeland Security Certified
  • IASAR Search & Rescue Air Crew
  • EMS - First Responder Certified
  • Licensed Private Police Helicopter Pilot

 Sgt. Tony Elrod

  •  ETA/GET – Logistic/Security Specialist for Racing, Sports and Entertainment Industries
  •  Professional Service Specialist associated with Nascar, IndyCar, PGA & NFL
  •  Sales/Marketing Specialist
  •  Public Relations Specialist
  •  Body Guard Specialist
  •  Licensed Private Police Public Relations

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  • Arrest Powers
  • Strict Qualifications
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  • Years of Succesful Experience

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