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Keep life and property safer with Security Watch Alert Team.  We are an extremely professional private security company with arrest powers that provides protection for both commercial and residential locations.

Licensed by the state and registered with the U.S. Government

Extremely Professional Private Security

Security Watch Alert Team provides residential, and commercial private police services for your businesses, homes, apartment complexes, shopping centers, industrial sites, restaurants, clubs, hotels/motels, theaters, and entertainment venues.

All of our professional officers could be active or former law enforcement officers, US Government agents, US Military or Private Security professionals. Security Watch Alert Team has services that vary in price and options so you can find the best fit for your needs.

About Us
Security Watch Alert Team has the highly professional private security team you need to help keep yourself, others and your property protected. All of our officers are extremely professional, trained and armed individuals licensed by the state and registered with the U.S. Government #SG21300004, who are experts helping to protect life and property.

Contact us Toll Free at 1-888-717-7928 for more information about your private security services.

Services Available Worldwide